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This entry was posted Wednesday, 21 March, 2012 at 8:23 pm
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For the state of Delaware, the Early Learning Challenge competition could not have come at a better moment in terms of the momentum, organization, capacity and focus that our state can demonstrate in its early childhood system. With this grant funding, the federal Departments of Education and Health and Human Services have presented an unprecedented opportunity for states to take a leap forward in the outcomes they are able to achieve on behalf of young children. At a time of diffuse focus and fiscal crisis in many other states, and while facing its own significant fiscal challenges, Delaware has instead redoubled its commitment to a unified, effective statewide system for early care and education in recent years. Our state stands poised to do great things.

Office of Early Learning

The Office of Early Learning (OEL) provides leadership as we work together with the Delaware Children’s Department, Department of Education, and Department of Health and Social Services to accomplish the ambitious and important goals of the Early Learning Challenge grant. In this four-year grant, Delaware is focused on:
  • Driving system-wide improvement through Delaware Stars, the quality-rating and improvement program for early learning, seeking to increase the numbers of programs and children participating, and moving programs to high levels of quality;
  • Aligning the early learning and the K-12 systems to better support children’s school readiness;
  • Addressing the health and development of the whole child; and
  • Supporting a strong community of informed advocates and leaders for quality early learning, including families, community members, and business leaders.
The Early Learning Challenge (ELC) is an important part of the state’s effort to develop and sustain an early childhood system of the highest quality.
The Office of Early Learning looks forward to keeping Delaware’s early learning community up to date through this new monthly e-bulletin. To learn more, please call 302-577-5300 or email to Earlylearning@state.de.us

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