Our Mission

Date Posted: Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Promote the development of a comprehensive and coordinated early childhood system, birth to eight, which provides the highest quality services and environment for Delaware’s children and their families.


  • Strengthen governance and alignment of early childhood policies, programs, practices, standards, and financing that enhance outcomes and uniform oversight across state agencies, and expand collaborations with private and nonprofit partners and federal agencies.
  • Integrate service delivery across agencies and sectors to address the developmental needs of all young children and their families, especially those placed at risk because of developmental delays, poverty, neglect or abuse, and other risk factors.
  • Enhance the State’s data and information system to fully incorporate early childhood, and use that system as well as periodic analysis of programs, policies, and outcomes to monitor and improve state services, inform and assist private service providers and schools, and enable policymakers to identify what is working and what is needed.
  • Establish and coordinate a statewide, cross-sector early childhood professional development system that includes partnerships with K-12 education, higher education, business, and community institutions and that enables all early childhood providers to participate in affordable, high quality professional development.
  • Enable early childhood providers to achieve and sustain increasing levels of quality as defined by appropriate early childhood standards, including the State’s early learning guidelines, child care licensing regulations, Delaware Stars for Early Success, and national accreditation standards.
  • Improve the alignment and efficient use of early childhood funding across agencies and increase public financing to meet the true cost of quality early childhood services for all families across all geographic locations, socio-economic groups, and child ability levels; this includes adequate compensation and tiered reimbursement to all qualified providers, the full financing of Delaware Stars, increasing subsidies to low-income families, and integrated funding of Delaware’s early childhood programs with elementary education.


  • Ready children: children who are physically and emotionally healthy, have access to high quality early learning experiences, and enter school prepared to succeed
  • Ready families: families with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully support their children’s development and learning
  • Ready early care and education programs: programs that effectively support the growth, development, and learning of all children and are staffed by teachers who are well prepared, well compensated, and well supported
  • Ready communities: communities that embrace their responsibilities for enhancing the quality of life of young children and their families through collaborations across all sectors
  • Ready schools: schools that build upon and further enrich the learning foundations of young children and accelerate their continued success

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