Great Starts Delaware

Date Posted: Friday, March 27th, 2015

The focus of Great Starts Delaware is building a system for early learning and child development services that will serve children with high needs, including those who are low-income, children with disabilities and dual language learners, in order to improve children’s outcomes and readiness for school and for life.

Significant resources to support this work are being provided to the State of Delaware through the Early Learning Challenge, a competitive initiative of the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. The Office of Early Learning is leading and coordinating the initiative in which three state agencies (the Departments of Education, Health and Social Services and Services for Children, Youth and Their Families) are key partners.


Delaware’s approach to improving its early learning services and systems includes four goals and several strategies to support each goal:

Goal 1: Expand Comprehensive Screening & Follow Up for Young Children

  • Strategy 1: Engage health care providers to conduct more screenings
  • Strategy 2: Link more families to follow-up services
  • Strategy 3: Strengthen young child mental health services

Goal 2: Expand Number of Stars Programs and Children with High Needs in Stars

  • Strategy 1: Provide financial incentives for Stars programs serving high needs children
  • Strategy 2: Support programs moving through Stars
  • Strategy 3: Provide financial incentives for education and retention of Stars educators

Goal 3: Build Connections Between Early Learning and K-12 Schools

  • Strategy 1: Implement Early Learner Survey
  • Strategy 2: Create Early Learning Teams in high-needs communities to foster early childhood/K-12 links
  • Strategy 3: Link high school and college professional development for early learning educators

Goal 4: Sustain a Thriving Statewide Early Learning System

  • Strategy 1: Use data to inform quality improvement and sustainability
  • Strategy 2: Engage community leaders, including parents, as informed advocates for early learning
  • Strategy 3: Provide leadership for system development and sustainability

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